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Saturday 12th January 2019
Gallow Men's B team played Lynnsport away, winning 6-1 (95-72)
    I.Cawthorne, D.Hall, D.Bean, P.Gilbert won 28-13
    D.Wright, G.Day, S.Pope, P.Barker, D.Thody won 22-11
    G.Day, D.Boswell, R.Kerr, K.Humphrey won 20-18
    T.Skelton, T.Oliver, D.Dewson, D.Rowell lost 25-30

Saturday 5th January 2019
Gallow Men's B team played Pentney away, losing 2-5 (64-75)
    D.Wright, I.Cawthorne, D.Bean, P.Gilbert won 22-13
    G.Day, S.Pope, P.Barker, D.Thody won 17-14
    J.Harris, D.Boswell, R.Kerr, K.Humphrey lost 15-22
    T.Skelton, M.Dunham, D.Dewson, D.Rowell lost 10-26

Saturday 15th December
Gallow Men's B team played Lynnsport at home, losing 1-6 (77-90)
    G.Day, I.Cawthorne, P.Barker, D.Thody won 26-20
    R.Kerrison, D.Bean, K.Humphrey, P.Gilbert lost 19-21
    T.Skelton, D.Boswell, D.Beally, D.Dewson lost 18-28
    J.Harris, S.Pope, C.Reed, D.Rowell lost 14-21

Saturday 1st December
Gallow Men's 'A' team played away at Wymondham Dell, losing 3-4 (83-87)
    D.Taney, D.Smith, B.Hunter, M.Starkey won 28-10
    J.Lilliweb, D.Ashmore, M.Riches, D.Cawthorne won 23-19
    T.Cooper, M.Warnes, J.Wells, S.King won 21-19
    G.Wright, A.Hunter, D.Rudling, K.Breame lost 11-39

Gallow Ladies 'A' team played Great Yarmouth at home. Another great performance by the whole team led to victory of 95 shots to 26 and another 7.5 points went into the bag.
Beryl Graver's block had the best score (32-6), she was ably assisted by Ann Leverett and Shannon Tucker. Next game is against Wymondham Dell (away) on December 11th.

Gallow Mens 'B' team played Dereham 'B' at home winning 6- (82-69)
    D.Wright, M.Dunham,R.Kerrison, D.Dewson won 21-13
    G.Day, I.Cawthorne, P.Barker, D.Thody won 22-18
    J.Harris, S.Pope,C.Reed, D.Rowell won 20-19
    T.Oliver, D.Bean, K.Humphrey, P.Gilbert drew 19-19

Saturday 24th November
Gallow Mens 'A' team played County Arts 'A' at home, winning 6-1 (91-82 shots)
    D.Taney, D.Smith, B.Hunter, M.Starkey won 27-20
    J.Lilliweb, D.Rudling, K.Breame, D.Cawthorne won 24-18
    T.Cooper, R.Morgan, J.Wells, S.King won 24-21
    G.Wright, M.Warnes, D.Vaughan, R.Mason lost 16-23

Gallow Mens 'B' team played Hunstanton away losing 2-5 (55-85 shots)
    J.Harris, S.Pope, C.Reed, D.Rowell won 16 14
    G.Day, I.Cawthorne, P.Barker, D.Thody won 17-16
    T.Oliver, D.Bean, K.Humphrey, P.Gilbert lost 15-24
    D.Wright, M.Dunham, R.Kerrison, D.Dewson lost 7-31

Wednesday 21st November
Gallow Ladies 'A' team played North Walsham at home, recording a resounding 88 shots to 31 win, securing all 8 points.Best block was skipped by Coralie Bell with Wendy Wilkinson as lead and Josie Wright in the middle Score 28-4.

Saturday 10th November
Gallow Mens 'A' team played Lynnsport 'A' at home, winning 7-0 (94-50)
    G.Wright, D.Smith, D.Vaughan, R.Mason won 28-7
    J.Lilliweb, M.Warnes, B.Hunter, D.Cawthorne won 32-16
    D.Taney, D.Smerdon, D.Rudling, K.Breame won 22-16
    T.Cooper, R.Morgan, J.Wells, M.King won 12-11

Gallow Mens 'B' team played Woodlands 'B' away, losing 1-6 (56-78).
    T.Oliver, D.Bean, K. Humphrey, P.Gilbert won 17-16
    D.Wright, D. Boswell, P.Barker, D.Thody lost 18-19
    S.Pope, G.Day C.Reed, D.Rowell lost 20-11
    M.Dunham, T.Gage, I.Cawthorne, D.Dewson lost 23-10

Saturday 3rd November
Gallow played Acle in the Denny cup, losing on all rinks (85-54).

Saturday 27th October
Gallow mens 'B' team played Pentney 'B' at home, winning 100-59 shots(6-1 pts)
Top rink - Dave Thody 33-6

Saturday 20th October
Gallow mens A team played Woodlands in the Denny Cup.
At Gallow:
    T.Cooper, L.Seppings, D.Seabourne, M.King won 30-13
    J.Lilliweb, D.Rudling, J.Wells, S.King won 23-18
At Woodlands:
    D.Taney, D.Smith, R.Morgan, D.Cawthorne won 25-12
    G.Wright, M.Warnes, K.Breame, R.Mason won 19-17
Gallow won 97-60. We now play Acle on Saturday 3rd November

Tuesday 16th October
Gallow Ladies B team faced our first home team game of the season minus a captain, so thanks to Gina for stepping in at the last minute to take charge in my absence to entertain Captain Liz and the ladies of Roundwood B. Welcome to Christine, Heather and Steph in their first games for the ladies B team and well done on the results, a comfortable home win 7.5 0.5 (55-38).
    Steph, Christine, Daphne 17-6
    Mavis, Sandy, Rose 17-12.
    Bridget, Carole, Kathy 11-10
    Heather, Dawn, Gina 10-10
Well done ladies on a fantastic result.

Saturday 13th October
Gallow mens 'A' team played Woodlands 'A' at home winning 7-0 pts (99-55)
    T.Cooper, R.Morgan, J.Wells, M.King won 27-11.
    G.Wright, M.Warnes, D.Webb, R.Mason won 27-13.
    J.Lilliweb, D.Smith, B.Hunter, D.Cawthorne won 21-12.
    D.Smerdon, A.Hunter, D.Rudling, K.Breame won 24-19

Saturday 6th October
Gallow mens 'A' team played Beccles away, losing 0-7 pts (59-93)
    J.Lilliweb, M.Warnes, D.Seabourne, D.Cawthorne lost 17-21.
    G.Wright, A.Hunter, D.Rudling, K.Breame lost 16-22.
    T.Cooper, L.Seppings, J.Wells, D.Vaughan lost 14-24.
    D.Smerdon, D.Smith, B.Hunter, M.Starkey lost 12-26
The ladies B team travelled to Dereham for the first match of the season, with a new look team. Dereham started stronger however we soon got into our stride and started to pull back however Dereham managed to hold on for a win 1- 7 pts (43-54).
    Mavis, Ali, Rosie 16-9.
    Bridget, Sandy, Kathy 9-10.
    Cath, Marie, Rose 11-17.
    Carole, Gina, Daphne 7-18.
Congratulations to Jen and Ali who have now moved to play for the A team. A huge well done to Ali, in her first game for us winning with Rosie and Mavis.

Please Note
The Men's B team match against Brecks on Saturday 6th October has been cancelled due to Brecks withdrawing from the league.

The new winter bowls seasons starts in early September

Team captains should be receiving fixture lists shortly.
Please ensure that you have payed membership fees before your first match.