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Saturday 17th March
The mens A team played Lynnsport away, losing 71-86 (1pt - 6).     J.Lilliweb, D.White, J.Wells, S.King won 24-16
.     D.Taney, D.Smerdon, D.Vaughan, R.Mason lost 19-22
    G.Wright, R.Morgan, D.Rudling, M.Riches lost 14-21
    T.Coopers, M.Warnes, K.Breame, D.Cawthorne lost 14-27
The mens B team played Lynnsport at home, losing 52-96 (1pt - 6)

Saturday 10th of March
The mens A team played Acle 'B' at home winning 88-71 (6pts-1)
    G.Wright, R.Morgan, D.Rudling, M.Riches won 26-16
    D.Taney, D.Smerdon, B.Hunter, M.Starkey won 23-16
    T.Coopers, M.Warnes, K.Breame, D.Cawthorne drew 19-19
    J.Lilliweb, D.White, J.Wells, S.King drew 20-20

Saturday 17th February
The mens A team played Beccles at home winning 94-73 (6pts -1)
    D.Taney, D.Smerdon, B.Hunter, M.Starkey won 26-15
    G.Wright, J.Wells, D.Vaughan, R.Mason won 24-14
    M.Warnes, D.White, D.Cawthorne, S.King won 24-23
    T.Cooper, D.Rudling, M.Riches, M.King lost 20-21

Saturday 10th February
The mens A team played Acle 'A' away, losing 61 shots-100 (2pts -5).
    J.Wells, D.White, D.Vaughan, S.King won 27-13
    D.Taney, A.Hunter, B.Hunter, M.Starkey won 19-17
    T.Cooper, M.Warnes, D.Rudling, M.Riches lost 8-31
    J.Lilliweb, D.Smith, K.Breame, D.Cawthorne lost 7-39

Saturday 3rd February
The mens A team played County Arts away, drawing on shots 82-82 but winning on points 4-3.
    D.Bix, D.Smith, L.Seppings, K.Breame won 19-1
    M.Warnes, D.White, D.Rudling, D.Cawthorne won 20-19
    J.Lilliweb, A.Hunter, D.Taney, M.Starkey drew 26-26
    G.Wright, D.Smerdon, D.Vaughan, R.Mason lost 17-24

Saturday 27th January
.The mens A team played Lynnsport at home, winning 79-65 (6 -1)
      J.Lilliweb, R.Morgan, D.Seabourne, D.Cawthorne won 22-13
      G.Wright, J.Wells, D.Vaughan, R.Mason won 22-16
      T.Cooper, M.Warnes, D.Rudling, M.Riches won 23-21
      D.Smerdon, I.Cawthorne, D.Taney, B.Hunter lost 12-15
The ladies A team played Roundwood B and after a difficult game, lost on 3 rinks (1pt - 7)

Saturday 20th January
The ladies A team played Woodlands A at home, winning on 3 rinks, 59-44 (7pts -1)

Saturday 13th January 2018
The mens B team played Pentney at home, winning on 2 rinks and losing on 2 rinks but won the aggregate 76 - 73 (5pts - 2)
Top rink was Stan Sole (23-18)
The ladies A team match against County Arts has had to be postponed untilTues 22nd Feb at 11.45 .

Saturday 16th December
The last match of the year for the Ladies B team was a home game against Hunstanton, and the ladies all came prepared with their Christmas finery. For the majority of the match the result could have gone either way, and three rinks were all decided on the last end. Gallow B kept their nerve well (watched by the men’s B team who were next up) and ended up with a 6.5 – 1.5 wins, 50 shots to 40.
      Mavis, Rita, Shannon 19-8
      Bridget, Roz, Kathy 12-10
      Jen, Gina, Rosie 9-9
      June, Pat, Rose 10-13
Special mentions this week go to our highest scoring block, Mavis, Rita, Shannon and also to Bridget, Roz and Katy who having been behind all match came back well to win on the last end.
Thanks to captain Shirley and the ladies of Hunstanton for an enjoyable game; the return fixture being our first game of the New Year in January.
Merry Christmas and Best wishes for2018 from all of the ladies B team.

The mens B team played.Diss B at home, losing 75 shots -90 (1pt - 6)

Saturday 9th December
The men's B team played Lynnsport away losing 1pt - 6 (84 shots -91)

The ladies B team played the first county triples match in almost a month, and following losses in the Mason and Vivienne competitions, saw Gallow B playing away at Dereham. After a slow start, seeing Gallow behind by several shots all rinks found the green and by mid match had pulled ahead shots wise, which we were able to maintain, despite a great Dereham effort, ending up with a 7-1 win, 61 shots to 51. A great all round team performance.
      Bridget, Helen, Gina 22-12
      Jen, Rita, Shannon 17-15
      June, Eileen, Rose 13-11
      Cath, Marie, Rosie 9-13
This week’s special mention goes to Jen, Rita and Shannon who came from 7-0 down to win 17-15. Well done ladies. Thanks to captain Janet and the ladies of Dereham for yet another enjoyable game.

Friday 8th December
The Ladies A team played Norfolk BC in the 3rd round of the Mason, losing 22 -42

Saturday 2nd December
The Ladies A team played Acle B, at home, winning 8 pts-0

The mens A team played Shotford A away, winning.79 shots-73 (5pts-2)
      D.Smerdon, M.Warnes, D.Vaughan, R.Mason won 26-18
      D.Taney, A.Hunter, S.Savory, D.Cawthorne won 22-14
      J.Lilliweb, D.White, M.Starkey, S.King lost 18-20
      T.Cooper, J.Wells, D.Rudling, M.Riches lost 13-21

Saturday 25th November
The Ladies A team played Norfolk BC 'A', at home, winning 6 pts-2

The mens A team played against Acle B away, winning.85 shots-81 (5pts-2)
      G.Wright, M.Warnes, D.Vaughan, R.Mason won 28-14
      T.Cooper, D.Smerdon, D.Rudling, M.Riches won 22-17
      J.Lilliweb, L.Seppings, M.Starkey, S.King lost 23-25
      D.Taney, R.Morgan, B.Hunter, D.Cawthorne lost 12-25

Friday 24th November
The ladies A team played 2nd round of the Mason against Norfolk BC B,. winning 52 -20

Wednesday 22nd November
The ladies A team played Roundwood at home,. winning 8pts -0

Thursday 16th November
The ladies A team played County Arts away,. losing 1pt -7

Sunday 12th November
Club under 25 double rink vs acle.
  At Gallow :       S.Tucker, R.Morgan, D.Cawthorne won 26-11
  At Acle :       D.Rudling, M.Warnes, D.Seabourne won 23-16
Gallow won 49-27 and will now play Ipswich or Riverain on Sunday 21st of January 2018.

Saturday 11th November
The mens A team played Norfolk BC at home, winning 96 shots to 71 (5pts -2)
      J.Lilliweb, D.Rudling, M.Starkey, M.King won 31-14
      G.Wright, D.Smerdon, D.Vaughan, R.Mason won 27-12
      T.Cooper, R.Morgan, B.Hunter, S.King lost 20-22
      D.Taney, M.Warnes, D.Seabourne, M.Riches lost 18-23.

The ladies A team played North Walsham away, winning 5.5pts -2.5.
The ladies B team played Lynnsport at home winning 76 shots to 30 (8pts - 0). Even the captain managed to put in a passable game, not having the pleasure of sampling the refreshments on offer at the bar this time round.
      Carol, Marie, Rita 25-5
      June, Pat, Rose 23-8
      Jen, Roz, Rosie 15-6
      Bridget, Gina, Kathy 13-11
After a few ends a home win always looked on the cards , however a big well done must go to Bridget, Gina and Kathy who started slowly, then had an even game and picking up 3 shots on the last end to take a win.

Monday 6th November
The ladies B team played Pentney away.
With a number of players not available all rinks struggled to find the green. Pentney played a strong game and won 71 shots to 26 (8pts - 0), although Rose was really unlucky , with some great woods on the last end, not to pick up a point for her block.
      Heather, Pat, Rose 10-11
      Bridget, Helen, Roz 5-18
      Cath, Eileen, Rita 5-18
      Carol, Christine, Marie 5-24
Thanks go to Heather, Christine and Pat for stepping in at short notice, and to anyone playing out of position to ensure that we had a full team. Thanks to Mr Dewson for ensuring my additional plyers arrived safely by playing chauffeur. Well done to captain Ivy and the ladies of Pentney, as always we had a friendly, enjoyable game.

Saturday 4th November
The mens A team played Woodlands in the 2nd round of the Denny Cup, winning 83 - 81
At Gallow
      T.Cooper, D.Seabourne, M.Riches, S.King lost 17-24
      L.Seppings, D.Smith, K.Breame, R.Mason won 19-17
At Woodlands
      J.Lilliweb, J.Wells, D.Rudling, M.Starkey won 27-20
      R.Morgan, D.Taney, B.Hunter, D.Cawthorne drew 20-20
Gallow will now play Norfolk bowling club on Saturday 18th November

The ladies A team played 2nd round of Yetton against Norfolk BC, losing 75-83
The mens B team played Browston.B away, losing 69 shots to 87 (½ pt - 6½) but remaining at the top of division 4 by a slender margin.

Friday 3rd November
The ladies A team played first round Mason Trophy against Woodlands B, winning 37-27

Saturday 28th October
The ladies A team played Diss away winning 7-1
The mens B team played Woodlands B at home, winning on all 4 rinks (102 shots - 47) and scoring 7 pts - 0.
They remain at the top of Division 4 with maximum points and a healthy shot difference

The ladies B team played their first away game of the season against Roundwood A. It took a while to get used to the green and there were some close games, with three rinks outcomes being decided on the last end. Roundwood won 62 shots to 41 (7 pts -1).
      Mavis, Gina, Shannon 13-9
      Carole, Roz, Rose 12-13
      Jen, Marie, Rosie 11-17
      Bridget, Helen, Rita 5-23
A big well done to Mavis, Gina and Shannon for picking up a point. Thanks to the captain and the Ladies of Roundwood A for a friendly game and great hospitality.

Sunday 22nd October
.Gallow played Acle at home in the Top Club competition. which consists of Ladies and Men's 2 wood singles, mixed pairs, mixed 3s and mixed 4s. Gallow won both singles by a total of 12 shots overall.
We won the 3s but lost the pairs and the 4s. This left us with 8 points each so the game was decided on shot difference and Gallow won by 8 shots overall. The next round is against NBC away on Sunday 5th Nov. The ladiesA team play the Mason Trophy on Friday 3rd Nov, so that will be a busy weekend.

Saturday 21st October
The ladies A team played Roundwood in the Yetton Trophy. 4 rinks of 4 players, 2 home and 2 away.
Gallow won both home games by a comfortable margin. We won one away rink and lost one so won the match 93 shots to 54. They play Norfolk Bowling Club in the next round on Sat 4th Nov.

The mens B team played Pentney away, winning on all 4 rinks and scoring 109 -67, 7 pts to 0.

Thursday 19th October
The ladies A team played Wymondham Dell.away, winning on 2 rinks and losing on 2 but losing the aggregate, giving a score of 2 pts to 6.

Saturday 14th October
The ladies 'A' team played Shotford away, winning on 1 rink, drawing 1 and losing on 2 but winning the aggregate to score 5.5pts to 2.5. A good win away from home..

Another home game for the Ladies B team, this time entertaining the ladies from Woodlands B. With the captain spectating again with the aid of yet another delicious sausage roll ( I was on call for work – honestly), the team pulled out all stops following a slow start on all blocks gradually going ahead and managing to stay there for another comfortable 8-0 win, 58 shots to 32
      Mavis, Pat, Rose 18-7
      Jen, Rita, Shannon 15-10
      Bridget, Helen, Kathy 14-9
      Cath, Eileen, Rosie 11-6
Congratulations to the top scoring block Mavis, Pat and Rose who finished really strongly. Can Rose keep this up and make it three matches out of three, no pressure there then, especially as it will be our first away match of the season.
Thanks to captain Carole and the ladies of Woodlands B for another friendly enjoyable match.
(Report sent by Marie Frost)

The mens 'A' team played Beccles `A` away
      T.Cooper, D.Smerdon, M.Starkey, S.king Lost 17-18
      J.Moore, J.Wells, K.Breame, R.Mason lost 15-16
      J.Lilliweb, D.Rudling, R.Morgan, D.Cawthorne lost 19-24
      D.Taney, L.Seppings, M.Riches, M.King lost 14-21
Gallow lost 7-0 and 65-79

Sunday 8th October
The mens 'A' team played Norfolk Bowling Club in the national under 25 double triples
      T.Cooper, J.Wells, D.Seabourne won 14-11
      S.Tucker, R.Morgan, D.Cawthorne lost 18-16
Gallow won 30-29 and play Acle in next round..

Saturday 7th October
The mens 'A' played Shotford `A`
      T.Cooper, M.Warnes, D.Seabourne, S.King won 37-10
      G.Wright, J.Wells, K.Breame, R.Mason won 32-11
      J.Lilliweb, R.Morgan, B.Hunter, D.Cawthorne won 28-8
      L.Seppings, D.Smerdon, D.Taney, M.Starkey won 23-12
Gallow won 120-43 and 7-0

The ladies 'A' team played Acle 'A' at Gallow winning 2 rinks and losing 2 but took the aggregate, so scored 6 points to 2.

Thursday 5th October
The ladies 'A' team played Shotford 'A' at Gallow winning 3 rinks out of 4, scoring 7 points to 1.

Saturday 30th September
The ladies 'A' team played Acle 'B' away winning 3 rinks out of 4, scoring 7 points to 1.

The ladies B team entertained Pentney in our season opener, with the Captain having the luxury of being able to watch the match (as well as consuming a rather delicious sausage roll from the bar).
The result was a comfortable home win 7-1, 55 shots to 42.
Rink scores:
      June, Pat Rose 17-5
      Jen, Gina, Shannon 15-8
      Bridget, Roz, Kathy 12-19
      Mavis, Carole, Rita 11-10

The best winning block was June, Pat and Rose, however a special mention should go to Mavis, Carole and Rita, who made an impressive come back , from being 10-4 down with 4 ends to go, winning on the last end. A great lesson in perseverance.
A really good team effort from all players, well done ladies; our thanks go to the ladies of Pentney for a very enjoyable, friendly match

The A. G. M. was held at 7pm Tuesday 25th April 2017

The following members were elected to the committee -
David Hood, Sam King, Cheryl Lincoln, Rose Thody (Treasurer) and Jeff Tucker.
See the 'Club Officials' for the full details of changes of officials.