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Saturday 30th April

Work has begun to replace the bowls carpet.
Things got off to a great start on Saturday morning when a well organised team of volunteers removed the old carpet and underlay in record time, ready for 'Dales' to fit the replacement, sometime in the near future

Carpet crew
Many thanks to everyone involved
Carpet removed

Saturday 2nd April

Norfolk Under 25's win national championship
Congratulations go to Steve Pope (Team Manager) and his squad who won the national championship held at Nottingham on Saturday.
For details go to :

Gallow men's 'A' team played away at wymondham, winning 6½-½pts (95-62).
    D Webb, M Chapman, L Leverett, S King won 29-8
    I Cawthorne, N Mears, J Wells, D Cawthorne won 24-17
    D Taney, C Hunter, C Canning, M Riches won 24-19
    K Robins, N Blyth, A Hunter, R Mason drew 18-18

Saturday 19th March

Gallow men's 'A' team played Beccles 'A' at home, winning 5-2pts (85-65)
    D Taney, S Pope, C Canning, M Riches won 31-9
    S Grief, R Hudson, V Hudson, D Cawthorne won 20-17
    K Robins, M Chapman, D Rudling, R Mason lost 17-19
    B George, L Leverett, D Peel, M King lost 17-20

Friday 18th March

Gallow men's 'A' team played County Arts 'A' away, winning 5-2pts (76-70)
    J Lilliweb, R Hudson, C Canning, D Cawthorne won 24-11
    K Robins, C Hunter, L Seppings, V Hudson won 22-16
    B George, S Pope, D Peel, J Wells lost 15-21
    D Taney, N Mears, A Hunter, D Rudling lost 15-22

Saturday 12th March

Gallow men's 'A' team played Acle 'A' at home, winning 6-1pts (96-46).
    K Robins, N Blyth, D Rudling, R Mason won 31-5
    A Hunter, N Mears, V Hudson, D Cawthorne won 26-8
    C Canning, L Leverett, M Riches, M King won 20-13
    D Taney, M Chapman, D Peel, S King lost 19-20

Saturday 5th March

Gallow men's 'B' team played Lynnsport at home, winning 6-1pts (88-85).

Friday 25th February

Gallow men's 'A' team played Norfolk BC 'A' away, losing 1-6 pts (71-77)

Saturday 19th February

Gallow men's 'B' team played Dereham 'B' away losing 3-4pts (81-85)

Saturday 12th February

Gallow played Melton Mowbray in the semi-final of the Denny Plate, unfortunately losing 54-79. but congratulations to Gallow men for reaching the semi-final.
At Gallow:
    D Rudling, L Seppings, M Riches, M King won 18-14
    G Wright, K Robins, R Mason, S King lost 14-17
At Melton Mowbray:
    S Savory, C Canning, V Hudson, D Cawthorne lost 12-22
    D Taney, M Chapman, L Leverett, J Wells lost 12-27

Friday 11th February

Gallow Mens A Team played County Arts at home, winning 7-0 (103-48).
    K Robins, R Hudson, D Peel, S King won 35-12
    S Savory, C Canning, V Hudson, D Cawthorne won 27-14
    D Taney, M Chapman, L Leverett, J Wells won 21-11
    B George, L Seppings, M Riches, M King won 20-11

Saturday 5th February

Gallow men's 'A' team played Wymondham at home, winning 6 - 1 (69-65 pts)
      D Taney, L Seppings, C Canning, M Riches Won 25-10
      A Hunter, R Hudson, V Hudson, D Cawthorne Won 21-13
      B George, K Robins, D Rudling, R Mason won 17-16
      M Moseley, M Chapman, L Leverett, J Wells lost 6-26

The Denny Plate

We are very proud and pleased of our Men's A team who have reached the semi final of the Denny Plate competition for the first time for many years. They beat Mid Suffolk in the last 16 to set up a meeting with Wellingborough in the quarter final. This was always going to be a very tough game and that's just how it turned out. Gallow were on the back foot for most of the match, the block at home skipped by Jack Wells kept their noses in front but Mervyn Kings block struggled for much of the time. In Wellingborough Marco Riches was managing to keep things very tight and Danny Cawthorne was doing well. With 3 ends to go it looked as though we were going to be beaten but everyone dug in and all rinks gained shots. Danny's rink were the last to finish and with the penultimate bowl he took the shot wood out, their skip had a wood to get the victory but missed the jack.
Final score Gallow 71 - 68 Wellingborogh.
Congratulations to Captain Jack and all the team. The semi- final, against Melton, is being played on Saturday 12th February, 10.30 start, 2 blocks at home and 2 away. Supporters are very welcome We wish our team the best of luck in reaching the final.

Saturday January 29th - SOUL ALLIANCE

Live music, provided by Soul Alliance, hit the Lancaster Room on 29th January. The evening, with a sell out crowd, proved to be a roaring success. Nearly 60 people had a very tasty two course meal before a further 40 arrived and the band started playing their selection of soul and classic motown hits from across the decades. The atmosphere was electric with lots of great songs and a packed dance floor. One of the aims of the evening was to raise funds to purchase an electric wheelchair for use in the Bowls Hall; an amazing £775 was made which, together with a grant and a couple of generous donations, has enabled us to order the chair.
Soul Alliance will be returning at the start of next season so I suggest you get your tickets early if you don't want to miss out!

Monday 1st January

Please Note :-
Because of Gallow competing in the 4th round of the Denny Plate the beginners sessions will not restart until 15th January

Saturday 18th Dec

Gallow Mens B team played at home to Pentney B winning 6-1 (91-65)
Top rinks were
F Hazel, D Curtis, P Hobbs & D Thody 25-10
S Pope, D Hiscock, D Rowell & K Humphrey 25-10

Saturday 4th Dec

Gallow Mens A team played Acle away winning 6pts-1pt (81-62)'
Top Rink – D.Taney, K.Robins, C.Canning & M.Riches. (32-12)

Saturday 20th Nov.

Gallow Mens B team played at home to Dereham B winning 93-76 (6pts-1pt)
Top rink 27-11 P Huskinson, D Cordery, N Mears & D Dewson.

Saturday 13th November

Ladies B team played Dereham away. As the captain managed to forget to remind 1 replacement player, a win was going to be a challenge but we came away with 2 points with 2 blocks winning, final score being 6-2 pts (86-49). Special thanks to Dawn Pope for playing as a 2 with me, and well done to our top block Lesley, Karen and Rose who won 25-6.

Saturday 6th November

Gallow ladies A team played W/Dell in the Yetton Cup, a National team competition, played over 21 ends with two rinks of 2 wood fours playing at each venue. Gallow had a resounding win. Having won on all rinks and the score reaching 109-40 W/Dell conceded with a couple of ends to play.
Gallow men played the Denny Cup which is a similar National completion with the same format as the Yetton. The Men played Norfolk Bowling Club which is always a challenge. Despite winning both rinks at home the overall score saw them losing by 18 shots. (sorry not sure of the actual score)
Gallow ladies B team visited Norfolk Bowling club B for a very even match that was close throughout. With Gallow 1 shot behind it came down to the last wood on the last rink playing and despite our best efforts we didn’t quite pull it off. Result was 6-2 to NBC B (68 shots to 63).
Thanks to captain Carole and Ladies of NBC B team for a thoroughly enjoyable and friendly game.

Saturday 23rd October

The men's B team played their first county game away at Pentney winning 5½ - 1½ pts (83 to 74 shots). Gallow winning 2 rings, drawing 1 & losing 1.
Top rink was M.Dunham,N.Mears,D.Bean & K.Humphrey 30-13.
Gallow B welcomed 4 new Gallow members to the team.

Gallow ladies B team have played two matches, both games playing 9 aside, 3 rinks. Both games were very close, but Gallow couldn’t quite hold on for the win.
Wymondham B (home) lost 6-2 (46-36), 1 rink winning, 1 rink losing and 1 drawing.
Best block was M Frost, D Ramm, A Hiles.
Thanks to the captain and ladies of Wymondham B for a thoroughly enjoyable game.
Shotford (away) 10am start for the team today (Thur 28th Oct) and a 110 mile round trip, so thanks to the Shotford 9 as l now call us (have sat nav will travel). Lost 7-1 (40-36).
1 rink won and two lost.
Best block was R Thody, L Stratton and K Lingwood.
Thanks to captain Jilly and the ladies of Shotford for another enjoyable game

Thursday 21st October

Ladies A played Wymondham Dell away in their first game of the season. Despite winning two out of four rinks they lost the aggregate and came away losing 2-6 points.