GALLOW INDOOR BOWLS CLUB - Guidance for Returning to Bowls Safely

Welcome Back !

We hope that you are looking forward to returning to playing Indoor Bowls following the long spell away when we have been forced to close.
In order to ensure your well being we would ask that you play your part in keeping yourself and all other members and staff safe by abiding by the following guidelines which have been put in place during these extraordinary times:-

> Face Masks: - Update (3/9/20) Face masks must be worn inside the Bowls building and in the corridors. They may be removed for the duration of the game itself, IF Social Distancing can be maintained, but must be replaced as soon as the session has finished.

> Symptoms: If you, or anyone in your household, are feeling unwell particularly with Covid 19 symptoms please follow the Government advice and stay at home, get tested, isolate yourself and do not come to the Club.

> Rink Times : Sessions will run from 9am to 11am, 11.30am to 1.30pm, 2pm to 4pm,4.30pm to 6.30pm and 7pm to 9pm. All sessions are only available to members and must be booked in advance. Initially there will be a maximum of 2 rinks for triples or 3 rinks for singles/pairs ie maximum 12 players at any one time. No spectators.

> Entering & Exiting Premise: Enter via main doors, keep left & enter bar area, enter bowls area through door in left hand corner (this will be same route that squash players will take).
Please DO NOT arrive to the Bowls Hall more than 15 minutes before your session. The Lancaster Room Bar will be open so by all means make use of it.
Leave bowls area through new double doors, go straight through bar area into corridor, turn left & exit premise via disabled exit, opposite the kitchen, or via fire exit at far end of rinks.

> Ventilation: To comply with the guidelines on air flow all doors to be left open including fire exit at far end ( this will also help with not touching door handles etc). Fan at far end to be used, this will help to pull air through the building, ceiling fans to be running in summer mode.

> Locker Rooms These are not available at the current time. Arrive in the clothes you are to play in, along with your bowls and shoes - and a pen. Please change into your bowls shoes only once you are in the Bowls Hall. Leave all bags etc at the end of your rink.

>Payment: To be made in the usual way into the envelopes at the end of the rink. Please write the names of all players onto the envelope, this is for track and trace purposes. Captains/team leaders it is your responsibility to check that all the money has been collected and placed into the envelope.

> Mats and Jacks: Each rink will have 2 yellow and 2 white mats plus 1 yellow and 1 white jack. One team should use the yellow equipment and one team should use white. Only leads to touch their own jack, skip to place with foot after lead has cast.

> Bowls: Only touch your own bowls. Kick in with feet. Spray to be used to mark touchers, no chalk, to avoid touching bowls.

> Social Distancing: Players should try to maintain a 2metre distance from other players at the same end, both sideways and along the rink. Use the bank whenever spacing reason dictates.

> Movement up and down the rinks: Please be aware of other bowlers (and squash players) at all times when changing ends and keep to social distancing guidelines; if all rinks are in use, walk down the right hand side of your rink.

> Scoring: One person should be nominated to enter score on board for both teams & ideally use pen/pencil to push buttons. Score cards, when used, do not need to be countersigned but the scores should be checked and agreed before they are placed in the appropriate box.

> Sanitizing: Hand sanitizer is available at entrances and at both ends of the rinks also on the hand rails. Please sanitise your hands before starting your game and during the game if you have touched another players bowls for measuring or picked one out of the ditch or used the bowls/jack markers. Or as often as you feel necessary

> Cleaning Mats and Jacks: Skips & leads to be responsible for sanitizing mats & jacks at the end of the game. (If you want to do it before the game, as well, please do so). There will be 2 Cleaning stations at each end of the Bowls Hall with Sanitizer, paper towels, anti bacterial wipes for the jack and bins for the used towels and wipes.

> Toilets: use the toilets by the Lancaster Room, others are not open.

> Leaving: Please leave the Bowls Hall within 15 minutes of the end of your game, by the new double doors, out into the corridor and exit by the Disabled entrance/exit. If you would prefer to use the Fire Exit at the far end of the Bowls Hall please do so.

The above procedures follow the present E.I.B.A. and Government guidelines for Indoor Bowls and may change at any time.

Irene Lambert Gallow IBC Hon Sec. Contact details : Tel 01328 853176 / 07789804606,