Club Rules

Club Constitution and Rules Rev. 2019

The name of the club is Gallow Indoor Bowls Club


To promote the game of bowls and organise competitions, matches and leagues, to be played in accordance with the rules of English Indoor Bowling Association, and the English Women’s Indoor Bowling Association except where special Club competition or League rules apply. The aims and objectives of the Club will be:

  • To ensure that club membership is open to all regardless of gender, colour, race religion disability age or any other issue.
  • To offer coaching and competitive opportunities in indoor bowls.
  • To promote the club within the local community and indoor bowls.
  • To manage the Gallow IBC
  • To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club.
  • To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone.



The club shall be affiliated to the English Indoor Bowling Association, the English Women’s Indoor Bowling Association, the Norfolk County Indoor Bowling Association, the Norfolk County Women’s Indoor Bowling Association and other Bowling Associations that the committee deems appropriate.



  1. The Committee shall consist of: – Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer (The Officers), and nine ordinary members.
  2. The Officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
  3. The ordinary members are elected for a three-year period, but with at least three retiring annually, in order of seniority, and shall be eligible for re-election. If there is a tie for the retiring members, it shall be decided by a lot as to who retires.
  4. The Committee shall have power to co-opt additional ordinary members to make up the number to nine, and also co-opt additional members who may have expertise for a specific purpose or project. Co-option shall cease at the next Annual General Meeting.
  5. The Committee shall meet prior to the commencement of the indoor season, and monthly during the playing season.
  6. Five members shall form a quorum.
  7. A Committee member who misses three consecutive meetings without a justifiable reason shall be deemed to have resigned.
    The Chairman will chair the Committee meetings, and in his/her absence the members present will elect a Chairman for the meeting. The Chairman will have a casting vote.
  8. No Officer or Committee member shall by virtue of their appointment have the power to order goods, or dispose of the funds of the club, or enter into any contract unless authorised by the Committee or members in general meeting.



  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held during the month of April, and members shall be given at least 28 days notice of the date, time and venue.
  2. Any proposal to alter a rule of the club must be submitted in writing to the Secretary and received by him/her at least 21 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. Both the proposer and seconder must sign the proposal.
  3. Any amendment to a proposal to alter a rule must be submitted in writing and received by the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. Both the proposer and seconder must sign the amendment.
  4. The Secretary shall, within 48 hours, post a copy of any proposal or amendment on the club notice board
  5. Any proposal or amendment to alter the rules will require a two-thirds majority of votes cast.
  6. The Treasurer will submit a statement of the financial affairs of the club to the Annual General Meeting.
  7. The Chairman of the club shall be the chairman of the meeting or, in his/her absence, his/her appointee from the other committee members, and in the absence of the appointee, by a ballot of the committee members present. The Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.
  8. Nominations for the officers and committee must be received in writing by the Secretary, proposed and seconded, at least 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
  9. Any proposal not affecting the rules, to be put before the meeting must be received in writing by the Secretary, proposed and seconded, at least 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.



  1. The Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting when so directed by the Committee, or upon receipt of a written requisition signed by at least 20 members of the club.
  2. The Secretary shall give the members at least 21 days notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting, by posting a notice on the club notice board, together with a copy of the requisition.
  3. The reason for the meeting or the requisition shall state the business for which the meeting is called, and only that business shall be discussed and acted upon.
  4. The quorum for an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be twenty, and any requisition put to the meeting shall require a two-thirds majority of votes cast to be accepted.
  5. The Chairman of the club, or his/her appointee etc (see 5.7 above), shall be the chairman of the meeting and shall have a casting vote.



  1. The annual subscription and rink fees will be agreed annually with the committee of the Fakenham Sports Centre Association Limited, and the subscription will become due on the first of September annually.
  2. Persons who are not full members and wish to play in the summer leagues may pay half the annual subscription to cover the period 1st May to 31st August.
  3. The payment of the annual subscription entitles the member of the Gallow Indoor Bowls Club to all of the privileges and all membership rights of the Fakenham Sports Centre Association Limited.
  4. Bowls members are also obliged to obey the rules and regulations of the Fakenham Sports Centre Association Limited



  1. The Committee may expel from the club, (or suspend from membership for a specific period or other sanction as deemed appropriate), any member whose conduct is such that, in the reasonable opinion of the Committee, it may be injurious to the character or best interests of the club.
  2. Before a member is expelled, (or) suspended or disciplined such member’s conduct shall be investigated by or on behalf of the Committee and such member shall be given an opportunity to explain and justify his or her behaviour. If the Committee is then of the opinion that the member is guilty of such conduct as mentioned in 8.1 and that the member has failed to explain or justify it satisfactorily, the Committee may expel, or suspend or discipline such member at the Committee’s discretion.
  3. A member expelled or suspended in accordance with this rule shall forfeit all the privileges of membership without any claim for refund, repayment or compensation.



The Lady members may form their own committee and appoint officers to manage the affairs of the Ladies Section.



  1. The Committee shall have the power to make, amend, withdraw or change any rule regarding the playing in competitions. Any change shall have immediate effect from the date it is posted on the club notice-board.
  2. All due subscriptions must be paid before participating in any league or competition.
  3. Registered players may play for only one team in any one league or one competition in any one season. (But see Rule 12.15 regarding substitute players)
  4. Entry forms, with a list of team members and the appropriate fees, must be submitted by the published closing date. Any further additions to the team must be notified to the appropriate secretary before playing for the team.
  5. Failure to comply with rules 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 will result in the penalty of:
    a) Knock-out Competition: – forfeiture of match
    b) League Match: – the forfeiture of any points scored in the match and the deduction of the maximum available team points for the match. Shots for and against will be disregarded. The non-offending team will retain all points scored in the match. Shots for and against will be disregarded.



  1. The following rules will apply in normal circumstances,but in the event of under or oversubscription of teams entered, the committee have the power to make appropriate adjustments.
  2. EVENING LEAGUE: Two divisions, each with a maximum of 14 teams of two triples. Promotion and relegation of 2 teams. Any team not re-entering shall be deemed a relegated team.
  3. AFTERNOON LEAGUE: Three divisions each with a maximum of 14 teams of one triple. Promotion and relegation of 2 teams. Any team not re-entering shall be deemed a relegated team.
  4. AUSTRALIAN PAIRS LEAGUE – Four divisions, each with a maximum of 8 teams of pairs. Promotion and relegation of 1 team. Any team not re-entering shall be deemed a relegated team.
  5. SUMMER LEAGUE: A triples league normally of one division.
  6. Or any other League or Competition that the Committee deems appropriate.



  1. Played under E.I.B.A. Rules with the following exceptions.
  2. Jack knocked out of rink, jack placed on oppropriate ‘re-spot’. Cast retained by team who cast at previous end.
  3. Jack not reaching the required length or out of rink. Opposing team to place mat and jack at a correct cast.
  4. If only two players available in the triples leagues they will play as lead and skip. The playing order shall be Lead, Lead, Two, Lead, Lead, Two, Lead, Lead, Two, then Skips, no player to have consecutive woods Full rink fees are payable.
  5. If a player was not on the green and ready to play in his/her allotted position for the first end, he/she shall play at number two for any subsequent ends. The player may join his/her team any time during the match.
  6. Score cards, with names of team members, must be completed before play commences.
  7. Lead and two of both sides will not visit the head until the total of their bowls have been played. After leaving the head to play his/her bowls, the skip is only allowed to re-visit the head once during the course of that end. A player is deemed to have visited the head when he/she has passed the shortest live bowl of the end. The penalty for each breach of this rule is a deduction of two shots from the offending team’s score.
    A Start bell must sound before play commences. An End bell shall signify that no more ends will be played after the conclusion of the end currently being played. After the jack has left the hand of the deliverer, the end shall be deemed to have commenced, whether a legal cast ensues or not. Matches will be continuous, played in alternate direction, until the bell determines the end of the match.
  9. Starting times are normally as follows, subject to the bell when in operation. In certain circumstances the times may vary.
    Mon – Sat:
    Start Bell 0930, 1135, 1400, 1615, 1830, 2035.
    End Bell 1125, 1330, 1555, 1810, 2025, 2230.Sun:Start Bell 1800, 2005End Bell 1955, 2200
  10. Teams may consist of either gender, or a combination of both.
  11. Published dates and times of all matches will apply. If a match commitment cannot be met, the captain may request a date change provided he/she gives at least 10 days notice to the Secretary stating the reason for a requested change of date. This rule may be waived for the Novices League by the league secretary.
  12. Postponed or interrupted matches caused by inclement weather or other unavoidable circumstances will be deemed complete or rearranged as decided by the committee.
  13. Any team not able to start within 10 minutes after the official start time, or within 10 minutes of the green being available, whichever is the later, shall: ?All single rink Leagues – Forfeit two pointsEvening League- Forfeit the six points, or if one block is available to play, they shall play for two points, and forfeit the two points for the second block, and the two points for the overall team score. Any shots scored will count.Full rink fees are payable.
  14. The Committee have the right to refuse re-entry of any team to any league, in the event of misconduct or failure to meet match commitments.
  15. SUBSTITUES: A Designated Substitute Player not registered for any team in that League may play three (3) times for any one team. If required to play on a fourth occasion for the same team (he or she) the Substitute Player must advise the League Secretary and they will be registered for that team for the rest of the season and can play for no other team in that league. Team Skips are required to mark ‘SUB’ against the names of any substitutes on the match card so the League Secretary can keep a record.



  1. Competitions are open to all members subject to age and gender.
  2. The Competition Secretary (and the ladies Competition Secretary) will publish the draws as made by the respective committees, and notify dates and times of matches.
  3. By mutual agreement, matches may be played before the designated date. The Competition Secretary must be advised of any change of date.
  4. Score cards, with names of all participants must be completed before play commences.
  5. The name, of the competition must be entered on the scorecard, and, on completion of play, the opponents total score column must be signed by a team member, and both cards placed in the box provided.
  6. Only one substitute is allowed in any one competition. Substitute in a singles competition is not allowed.
  7. Two trial ends may be played.
  8. In the event of any match being cancelled full rink fees are payable.



  1. Players should endeavour to arrange home fixtures to be played at the available times at weekends or a Wednesday evening. If acceptable to themselves and their opponents, players should also offer to play matches at non-league times, on mid week days,
  2. National Competitions will take priority over Club competitions and casual bookings.



  1. The Committee may from time to time make, alter or repeal any By-Laws they consider necessary or expedient or convenient for the proper conduct and management of the club.
  2. Drinks must not be taken on, or within five feet of the green.
  3. Chalk marks must not be made on the green.
  4. Only chalk or chalk based aerosols (not oil based) may be used when indicating touchers.
  5. Players must change into bowls shoes after entering the building.
  6. Selection of teams representing the club shall be the sole responsibility of the respective team captains, who shall display the team selection on the notice board. The Team Captain shall be appointed by the respective committees.
  7. Complaints of whatever nature must be submitted in writing to the Secretary, giving full details of the nature of the complaint.
  8. Dress code on the green:
    Men: Predominantly white shirts (or blouses) with collars. Tops worn over shirts (or blouses) shall also be white. Trousers (or skirts) shall be grey. Shoes to be by approved bowls shoes manufacturer.
    Or such other colour, type or style that the National or County Association may from time to time allow. On special occasions, on the direction of the Committee, full whites may be the dress code. On other occasions, on the direction of the Committee, club team shirts or tops, with/without logo, coloured or not may be the dress code.